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Do You Own Your Home, or Does it Own You?

There are a number of reasons we hold onto our "stuff," some good, but mostly for the wrong reasons,
like security. "It's too good to throw away, I may need it someday or maybe the kids will want it." Or maybe you hold onto it just because it's not broken yet. Your "stuff" will not give you security, honestly it takes away more than it gives.

Why Do We Hold onto Material Things?

Donate the things that are "too good to throw away." Someone who needs it will get much more use out of it, and you will feel better for it in so many ways. Ask your children what they would like from your home when you are ready to downsize, chances are, not much. Not because your possessions are not nice or have fond memories attached to them, but because they already have a decorated home the way they like it and most likely have too much stuff of their own.

Before and After Downsizing

Where Do I Begin?

A cluttered home can be daunting, making it easy to put-off time and time again. Many people wonder "How can I do this myself?" Leave it to us, and we will leave you with a clean and organized home you can feel good about.

Where Does it Go?

With so many great charities out there, not only will you feel like a weight has been lifted by getting rid of the clutter, but you can feel good knowing you helped someone in need. We can also assist you in selling valuables, such as art, furniture, and tools, etc.

What is Left?

With everything you don't need or want gone, what happens next?

We will clean, organize and stage your home so that when we leave, your home is looking its best - whether it is going up for sale, or for you to enjoy!

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